Plastic Injection Specialists


From concept discussion to product manufacturing, can help you develop products from medical industries, holders , containers, brackets, lighting, automotive, and even art. At Tombyll Plastics, You may use your own CAD model, or you may let us design your part.  Our rapid prototyping services  allow us to creat a functional and accurate plastic part, in your hands in as little as 2-3 days.


We can create a quality program specific to your needs. You can trust our expertise to efficiently manage the manufacturing process while maintaining the highest quality standards. We keep tight control of your quality needs to insure that you receive consistent product time after time


In addition to our mas production capabilities, we can provide bulk packaging with our precision counting scales, Poly Bag and heat sealing, and assembly line process that can include complex and intricate steps for finishing. We can label it, print it, bag it, box it, in any fashion ready for shipment even for retail distribution.  

warehousing, and Drop Shipping

 In addition to our extensive manicuring services, We offer warehouse direct, Drop Shipping services for you. With over 160 Pallet storage capacity, we offer storage and custom shipping services for our customers. Our Tried and True drop shipping systems can provide warehouse direct shipping on your behalf. 

If you have any questions on weather or not our manufacturing services are right for your project, please feel free to call.

Tombyll Plastics, Inc.

Plastic Injection specialists


Plastic injection Molding Companies can't match us!

Experience in the plastic and manufacturing industry

Operating 10+ injection molding machines with a full machine shop support, we run up to 24 hrs. per day, and mold over 1 million parts per month capability. We provide design assistance, tooling development, production, assembly, and fulfillment services. 


Located in San Bernardino, California, USA; we have a geographic advantage to support high volume as well as low volume distribution. With in a few miles of 6 major freeways, we do local deliveries, LTL Freight, and Cargo exporting worldwide.  

Custom Injection Molding

Our injection manufacturing capacity allows to offer quick lead times for both short and long runs with your custom injection molding project.

Plastic and Rubber

With hundreds of High Performance Thermoplastic resin choices, we offer and form with bullet proof glass to soft rubber rips and everything in between.