With our In house machine shop, we can design and build your injection mold tooling for rapid production. 1 cavity low volume molds to multy cavity hot runner molds can produce 3000+ pieces per hour. With our Off shore tooling options, we can build molds at the BEST prices in the industry!

​Mold Tooling​

With out In house 3D printing process, you dont need to go anwhere else to get your first parts. We can print FDM materials is a color of you choice. Printing processes from finished CAD files can be completed in minutes. Full service design and prototype parts can be created in lest than 24 Hrs.

Rapid Prototype

From simple concept, we can create, CAD design your parts and assemblies.

We do reverse engineering and copy you sample part or design from scratch.

We help you with material selections for the best performance and the least cost to you.

Finished CAD designs can be saved and used for instant prototype creations,

3D Printing and injection molding processes.

​Engineering and Design

Plastic Injection Specialists