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The Mold has the shape

Plastic Injection molds are uniquely constructed to your part shape. each part we make from the mold is essentially identical. Made of Steel or Aircraft Aluminum, The injection mold can produce over 1 million parts. Weather you provide your own mold or you contract with us to make one for you, we have the capability to design, manufacture, and service the mold tooling.

Our Machines

We have 10 injection molding machines capable of molding millions of parts each month. Machine tonnage sizes range from 15 ton to 300 ton, With ample supporting equipment including large cooling tower systems, material mixers, color feeders, vacuum loader, conveyors, mold heaters, Mold Chillers, precision scales, and measuring equipment .

The Molding Process

Using a special machine, we inject hot plastic into a pre-formed  mold to make simple and complex parts. One injection mold can produce  from 30 parts per hour and as many  3000 parts each and every hour for high speed low cost molded parts.  Small molded parts can cost as little as $.05 each

Part Shapes and Sizes

The size and shape of the plastic part can be simple to complex, and we can support the production of products from less that 1 gram to over 3 lbs. each

Plastic can be hard and clear like glass, or soft and colored like bicycle grips

Injection Molding is a low cost mass production form of manufacturing  from plastic and Rubber

Plastic Injection Specialists